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LoL: Tengen Toppa Vi and Caitlyn by ippus

Oh right, forgot lol. HI TUMBLR.

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hi carys! i just wanted to drop by bc i was curious about what cons you have planned for 2015!! thanks in advance;;

Hey there! I’m afraid my cons for 2015 aren’t set in stone since I’ll very likely be moving in the middle of the year, but here’s some I’d like to try to hit: Ohayocon, Katsucon, Shuto Con, ACen, Collosalcon, Anime Expo, and SDCC! I can’t really think much further than that due to how things are gonna be and the fact that I’m not overly familiar with Californian conventions, but there’s my hopeful thoughts! I also want to try to hit up a convention in Canada to celebrate my official dual citizenship~